Frequently Asked Questions
Will these cushion covers fit my model RV/Camper? Will they fit my other furniture cushions?
All our cushion covers are custom made to the dimensions the customer provides for a nice tight fit.  They will fit any model RV/Camper or piece of furniture cushion cover. 

We offer custom design including Square, L-shaped, T-shaped and curved cushions. We will also work with you on odd shaped cushions.
Do your covers cover the entire backside of the cushion?
  • No, our cushion covers are elastic fitted for the purpose of being easily removable to wash and/or store away for the season. 
  • Our elastic cushion covers (unless contact for additional custom designs) does not cover the entire back side of the cushion. 
  • Our elastic cover design will wrap approximately 1.5 to 2 inches underneath the cushion for a nice tight fit.

Do you offer other pattern and designed fabrics?
We have many different fabrics to choose from ranging from water resistant/outdoor, medium to heavyweight cotton, and upholstery fabrics. We have many patterns and solid color fabrics to choose from. You can find more fabrics by browsing all of our listings on our website below. If you don’t see the style you are looking for please fill out our form for a quote.
Do you make full slipcovers for furniture?
We do not currently make full slipcovers for furniture.  We only make covers for cushions at this time.
How do I order?
 1.) Choose your fabric from any of the listings on our website. The photos on each listing are for example only. 
 2.) Select your color choice if available. 
 3.) Choose your shape from the diagrams given under each product page. Using this shape, enter the measurements for each dimensions in the     diagram given including the depth (thickness) of the cushion. Do not enter any letters or special characters. 
 4.) Add any additional options you would like included. If you do not want any leave blank or select none. 
 5.) Add any photos you have available for any odd shaped or rounded corners. These are extra helpful for our team in the design process, but not   necessary. 
 6.) Cost will calculate for that one dimension, change quantity in how many needed in that size and add to cart. 
 7.) If you have more than one different sized cover you will need to continue shopping and add the additional measurements in by completing steps 1-5   over again.
What is the price?
  • Cushion covers are priced per cover unless otherwise noted as a bundle or set.  They are NOT priced per set unless noted as such.
  • Prices also vary depending on the fabric chosen.

Do cushion covers work for cushions that are not removable?
Yes, as long as there is an overhang where the elastic can hold onto. If it is flat in the front with no overhang then the elastic will not be able to hold onto it. We have also worked with customers by adding straps, ties or velcro to help hold as well. If you are not sure, send us a picture and we will let you know. You can send it to us through email at
Care instructions

Washing Instructions & Info

As a fabric company’s general rule, unless stated otherwise, products are recommended to be dry cleaned. This does not mean they will not wash well… It just means to wash at your own risk. (i.e. For longer lasting results….Do not wash in a warmer temp and air dry).

Quick Tips

  • 100% Cotton – Expect quite a bit of shrinkage and wrinkling to occur if washing 100% cotton products. And when dealing with home decor printed material, the print will sometimes fade. **For long lasting results fabric companies highly recommend 100% cotton materials be dry cleaned.
  • 100% Polyester – Polyester products are normally ideal for washing. There should be little to no shrinkage or wrinkling. If there is a sheen to your fabric… It may diminish slightly after each wash. Please take this into consideration.
  • Poly/Cotton Blends – Polyester and cotton blended materials can usually be washed, however, you may experience slight shrinkage and wrinkling. The shiny material rule applies here too… If there is a sheen to your fabric, it may diminish slightly after each wash. Please take this into consideration.
  • 100% Silk – Silks can be either hand washed and air dried or dry cleaned.