Kitty Cat Cork Toys - Bundle of Four

Kat Cottage

  • $8.99

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Cork Toys:

A lovely cork with ribbons and string sprouting from each end to entice your cat! One swat of a paw will send this toy spinning across the floor for your cat to stalk and chase! It's also easy and comfortable for cats to pick up and carry from place to place.

-These corks are carefully and safely made to prevent ribbons, twine, and string from being pulled from the cork. However, as with any string toy, it is advisable to supervise playtime with this toy.

-Various colors, sizes and types of string, fabric, ribbon, and twine are used to make each cork toy.

-Each purchase comes with four cork toys inside a handmade pouch sewn in assorted patterns.

**Purchase these cork toys as a prize for your cat to hide in their new hammock!**

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