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I want to help you save a little time and money and thought I would share some tips on fabric I have picked up throughout the years. This knowledge comes from owning a long haired German Shepard/Husky Mix.

I can say from this experience the best furniture set we ever owned with our dog Sadi was synthetic microfiber fabric. It was so easy to clean the dirt, stains, mess, and vacuum off all the pet hair. I loved that furniture set! Now with our new set…not so much, boooo! It is not microfiber and has a looser weave so pet hair is harder to vacuum off and gets stuck in all the crevices.


There you go, a little background about our furniture experience. Anyway, ready to learn more?

My list of GO-TO fabrics for pets! (in no particular order):

1.) Microfiber/Synthetic microfiber - super easy to clean and very little wear and tear, we had our set for almost 10 years. If we didn’t move around so much which caused too much wear on the frame, we would still have it.

2.) Crypton fabric - Per the Crypton site itself, this fabric is “Stain resistant. Odor resistant. Moisture resistant. Earth-friendly.”

3.) Outdoor fabrics - Let’s face it, if it's made for the outdoors then it can take a beating.

4.) Tight weave fabrics - this is the main fabric Sensible Home Décor uses and it is great for pets because it is washable and hair does not stick in the weave.

5.) Leather/Pleather - I see a lot of articles using this as a pet friendly option. It may be able to take a beating, but I would use caution with your pet’s nails and leaving scratch marks.

My list of not so good fabrics for pets:

1.) Velvet - I haven’t used velvet in forever, but it is a very fine fabric so probably should stay away from this.

2.) Silk - I mean come on, I can’t even keep my own silk shirt clean!

3.) Suede - love suede, but suede stains easy… think of it, this is why they have spray for shoes.

4.) Loose knit fabrics - anything you can see through is probably not a good option because the hairs will get stuck in the crevices and it is very hard to get out….even when you wash it. Look at a fabric closely to see if it is loose or tight knitting.

5.) Faux fur and shag - hair sticks to this, but hey! If it is the same color as your pet’s hair no one will know…

6.) Fleece – super soft, but unfortunately hair sticks to this fabric as well. Take it from me and having a long hair dog, even after you wash and dry this fabric you still can’t get all the hair off.

7.) Flannel – soft and comfy fabric we all love. Hair sticks to this too, but not as bad as fleece. You can actually wash this and get most of the hair off.


There you have it! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! I want to help you save time and money while living with your pets. I don't want you to feel like owning a pet is a chore.

We love our pets and they are a part of our family so lets make life with them a little more easier. Don't you agree?

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